Rhaeadr Ddu Nt Waterfall

On the way back from visiting Portmeirion, I had notice a waterfall in the atlas on the A470 which was on our way back by a village called Ganllwyd, which is located in and around the Coed Y Brenin Forest Park, Wales.  So we decided to go and have a look, there is a small car park in the village, you wouldn’t know there is a waterfall attraction there as no sign saying anything there. From the car park you walk across the road and you can hear the water flowing.

To access the path to the main waterfall you go through a gate that is next to a cafe, as you are walking you can see the water-flow to your left with small waterfall upto about 6 feet high, as the path turns to the right you need to go across the shrubbery following the water-flow, to get to the main waterfall, you will need some good footwear as parts very rocky, but is worth the walk.

As you are going up you see larger waterfall, remember parts of the walk are steep, but the views from of the waterfall are amazing and very beautiful. Cant tell you that much more about the waterfall as you need to visit to appreciate the beaty ofg the place. So if you are in or around this area, I would recommend you visit to Rhaeadr Ddu Nt Waterfall As you won’t be disappointed with the view.

See some of my pictures of the waterfall by clicking the link below or by clicking on my photo albums link at the top of the page.

[pe2-gallery album=”http://picasaweb.google.com/data/feed/base/user/104871678321968501168/albumid/5512001648141356001?alt=rss&hl=en_US&kind=photo” ]

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