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Remembrance & Poppies

ByKevin Simon

Nov 8, 2013


Just a quick post about remembrance Sunday, list of March’s about poppies. This year my daughter and set Epson and doing a March with the cadets the joined in Brownhills, T S Vigo that meets on a Tuesday at Brownhills community centre.  See HERE for more details. They are marching in Wednesbury with the T S Legion unit. My daughter will be in full kit marching and the lad will be in smart clothes as he is the young to have the full uniform. I will be going to watch them March as will be really proud of my daughter marching. As we all need to remember those who have given the lives in all wars, no matter what religion, colour or Creed.

For all local remembrance parades around my area Brownhills Bob has a list of them all click HERE for details.

Now just a little bit about the poppy appeal, like every yea you can get your poppies from most place at the schools were selling them, thought most I have seen said would be a minimum donation of 50p. I have heard on the TV and radio about high street stores doing broaches and elaborate poppies and not giving the full amount the charity. The TV ad radio have gone on about this is not right not giving the full amount to the charity, but this is my opinion is that I don’t see a problem with this as say a item that is being sold for about £6 and about £2 is given to the charity and have heard about a broach that is being sold for about £45 and about £6 is give the charity. Now with the value the is going to charity is more than they would get for a normal poppy and also you do have the manufacture cost, So really the charity is getting more and is people want to pay that price I don’t see a problem with that.

No matter what poppy or what you give this is a day to remember people that have given their lives in all wars for the good of everyone else, which really is what remembrance Sunday is all about, so please on Sunday and on Monday the 11th please observe the 2 minutes silence and the is the least we can do for these brave people.

And wear your poppy with pride.

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By Kevin Simon

I run this blog & also self employed cleaning out fish ponds, but due to spinal problems not able to do as much, now started a youtube channel showing my converted Peugeot Partner micro camper also as interest in photography so now vlog about the trips and of course Lego figures out in the wild photos.

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