Private Registration Plates for Sale

Just a Quick post to advertise 2 private personalised vehicle registration plates, which are now available and could be yours! The plates are K5 PPS & K55 PPS, the one is my Fathers and the other is mine. We had then customised (legal Font) on our car and van,so that the K5 & K55 looked like KS and KSS  are our initials and at the time the PPS stood for Pond and Pool Services which was my fathers own company for servicing all types of garden fish pool in the Midlands area from Koi to Goldfish ponds, the PPS business is still going, but now trading under my business name, so these cherished number plates are now open privately for reasonable offers around £399 each or ONLY £699 saving £100.

Our two private plates are advertised else where ie ebay plus other cherished registration sales websites and soon on Reg Transfers at higher price. Both registration marks /Plates are on retention with DVLA at the moment and could be soon be sold at anytime. Being on retention means they can be easily transferred to your own car, van etc or kept on DVLA documentation.

We would prefer to sell the plates as a “pair”, but  could sell them individually if several offers are made, as you can see above you get them at a huge saving if purchased as a pair.

Because the number 5 could be read as an “S” if you have custom reg plates made up with slightly different fonts for “offroad” use only (DVLA regulations) So remember the K could stand for any name, like Kevin, Ken, Keith, Kelly, Kumar etc and because the 5 /55 could be read as “S” / “SS” ” could stand for your middle initial and / or surname like Simon, Singh, Simpson or Smith etc.

If you are interested in these plates you can contact me direct though email etc from my contacts page or call me direct on my mobile 07816 059342 to discuss further. If you would like to see this listing on ebay click HERE

Below is a image of some of the styles of fonts that we had on the registration plates.

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