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My Experience With Windows 10 Upgrade

ByKevin Simon

Aug 6, 2015


This is my experience so far upgrading to windows 10 than was officially released on 29th July. My main pc has windows 8.1, but does also dual boot to Mint Linux. I didn’t fully try the pre release beta of windows 10, though did quickly setup in a virtual machine.

I had a problem with my pc with the reservation system, PC was fully upto date but no matter what would show the reservation icon. This was solved by using a batch file details can be found HERE . This had been an issue with a lot of users, so really nothing special about my system.

On the 4th August I still hadn’t had the notification that my upgrade was ready, even though the update would be rolled out over the next few weeks, I go a bit impatient so thought would try to force the download. Used the windows update and was upto date with Windows 8.1. So after a bit of a search there is a way to get windows update to download windows 10. This is done by opening up command prompt ( best as a admistrator) and typing in ” wuauclt.exe /updatenow ” then wait a few minutes, then open up windows update again and will then start downloading .

Now after a while for me as our broadband is slow, Windows update said needed to check system, as soon a clicked on this, Windows update closed left for a while and nothing. Check in history of windows update said that update failed with code 80240020 , clicking on help wasn’t useful as showed error didn’t exist. This error seems to occur first if you have done forced method of installing, as could be corrupt file.

I tried restarting but nothing, Tried the Microsoft media builder tool, just got error to run Windows 10 setup again. Then I repeated the cmd command, as the file was already downloaded got configuring update. then got to the same point again. I then found a way to clear the downloaded files to hopefully get this working. Open up your C: drive go to ” $Windows.~BT ” folder make sure you have the Hidden items option is checked in the toolbar section of the window. Now try deleting as many files and folders as possible. You may find some files cannot be deleted, but don’t worry about these. Then run the command prompt again. This will then redownload as you have now cleared the older files that may be corrupt.

Once this had done got further than before as the windows 10 setup started, it then did a few checks on mine told me Media centre will be unis talked as not available in Windows 10. Your pc after a while will restart. you will then get a black screen with a percentage in white circle. There are 3 stages for this 1. copying files, 2. installing features & driver, 3. Configuring settings. Mine did the first and reset at 30%, then the second and restarted at 75%, then on the final section got to 83% then seemed to get stuck at this it was for over 45min, so thought it would have locked up. A bit of research found there are other people got to this point. One was if you have second monitor this could be the cause so I unplugged my second monitor and left it, but unfortunately we had power cut not long after.

Once I got the pc back on the next morning windows reverted back to windows 8.1, so tried windows update direct, didn’t start the upgarde, so used the command prompt again. This again worked, again did seem to halt at 83% but after about 15mins did carry on. Once completed machine restarted then got blue screen with “setting up apps”, did get message ” taking bit longer than usual, but it should be ready soon” after about 15mins got then black screen, with just mouse pointer.

With the back screen with just the cursor left it for a while but got no further, pressing ” Ctrl, alt & Delete” did get menu with lock, witch use, sign out, change password, and task manger” so pc hadn’t locked up. using task manager no running apps were show, this means must be on the login screen. if I went to switch user did have my user, so put in my password then went back to the black screen. I could restart from “ctrl, alt, del” so did this, after this restart did get further got to login screen entered password, then got spinning icon with welcome, after few minutes did get to the windows desktop.

Looking into the black screen login problem does seem to be to do with ATI video cards, which I have a ATI radeon HD 5000. So if you experience any of these problems may be worth if you have in built video card set up with that one once done install your ati card. One thing that may help aswell is uninstall the ati catalyst drivers from existing version of Windows before the upgrade.

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By Kevin Simon

I run this blog & also self employed cleaning out fish ponds, but due to spinal problems not able to do as much, now started a youtube channel showing my converted Peugeot Partner micro camper also as interest in photography so now vlog about the trips and of course Lego figures out in the wild photos.

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