Lego Scared

As I woke up early this morning and was editing some photos from our last weekend away and had a quick idea of a photo.

I used a photo I took from Wray Castle on lake Windermere, In there was a Peter Rabbit Experience and the rooms all had wall paintings and the background was one of these.

I tried a few photos of Lego figures I had from when we had been out and about, I choose one that was taken on a beach when we was away a few years ago in the Isle of Wight. And then just used the logo of Lego as thought it needed something else.

All images were merged in Photoshop, using soft light overlay. The Lego figure was cut out from the background just using the quick selection tool, didn’t spend that much time cutting out as really was messing about, so not perfect.

Below are the images I used, Not to bad for a few minutes work.

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