Lego Minifig Using Typewriter For an Inspirational Quote

I post a lot of photos for my series of Lego adventures, this one is a bit different this was taken while we was away visiting Wray Castle which is a National Trust property in the Lake District. This is different than most national trust places in that mist if it is empty, other than exhibits and the Beatrix Potter – Peter Rabbit experience. With anything in the rooms it is hands on ie you have a snooker table that you can have a game on. There was a desk with an old typewriter, so thought would make an interesting photo.

When I looked back at the photo didn’t really come out that nice. I had been thinking of using some of my photos with inspirational quotes on them, so this made a perfect one. I found a lot of simple quotes on line and this one I though fitted perfectly.

A picture is a poem without words

I just added an old fashioned filter and think looks good, I have even added my copyright on the type writer where the name of the manufacturer was.

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