Lego Minifigure as Cable Holder


I have just build a custom desk for my main pc, and wanted a way to hold the cables that I have on the desk to connect to devices that I use. I had seen this else where but thought it was a great idea.

The hands of a Lego Minifig are just the right size for most computer cables i.e. usb cables, so all you need is a Lego mini-figure and a stand, the stand this could be one of the little plates that come with the series of Lego minifigures that you can buy separately or even use a normal Lego base plate, this will help the figure stay upright, as some of your cable ends could weight the figure down and then fall over.

For myself cant use lego mini figures to hold all my cables as some are thick cables so don’t fit the hands properly can force them in but then they fall out, but this would work with the majority of cables


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