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One of my favourite music players on Windows PC is musicbee, a great free music player that is customisable hoe ever you want. Besides playing your local catalogue of music ie mp3s you can listen to Internet radio through shoutcast, icecast, soma fm etc. But for myself I like while working to listen to the local BBC radio station which in my case is radio WM. Through musicbee you can’t search direct for stations like this, but you can add stations manually.

The instructions here are for musicbee but this should really be the same for any other standalone player. First you need to find the Internet radio stream link for the station you want for all BBC stations when going through the iPlayer Web page you don’t get to see the stream link address, there is a website that helps out with the UK feeds which is radiofeeds if you go to this site and search for the station you want you can then get the feed address.

Screenshot 2016-01-09 09.25.45

Once you have the station url, go into musicbee make sure you are in the main player and not the compact or mini window then in the library section on the right hand side click radio and then in the middle section right click any where that is blank and a menu will pop up, click new station. Here you can enter the details for the station, the main two to add is the station name which is whatever you want to call it then the station url feed address, which you have from the radiofeeds site above. Then click save and that’s it you now can access your favourite BBC radio stations direct through your chosen standalone player.


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