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GT Racing 2 vs Real Racing 3

ByKevin Simon

Jan 11, 2014


I’ve just started playing the new GT racing 2 by gameloft and thought would give my options on this compared to electronic arts real racing 3. I have only played gt racing 2 for a few races so far, so this is my first thoughts on this game compared to real racing 3. I run both games on a sumvision voyager 10.1 tablet with is a dual core 1.6ghz Android 4.2 tablet with 1gb ram. First both games use in app purchases, I’m not going into that, as this is a practice I don’t like as you can spend loads of real money completing the game, which is a lot more than just buying a console game that is complete for really a lot less money. Though both games you don’t always need to spend real money to progress, that is if you want to keep playing races over and over again to get enough to buy new cars or upgrade existing ones. Also both do have waiting times to continue playing sometimes either servicing of your car (RR3) or upgrading your car (GT2). Now myself I don’t mind waiting sometimes and playing races again can be fun and can add more longevity to the game.

So what do I think of GT racing 2 do far, well on my tablet I found it to run bit smoother than RR3, though this was on the middle graphics setting on GT2 and on RR3 this is using the default setting which I haven’t seen a option to change, which is why RR3 does look at lot better in the graphics department. Both games have several control options, at first when I started using a Android device for racing games I didn’t really like the tilt steering, but over time I have got used to it, though always good idea to play about with sensitivity to get exactly how you want. With this is mind I found that GT2 seemed to have a bit better control for me anyway.

Once in a race I do like the racing line option on GT2, on both I only have auto accelerate on, but no other assists on as I do this think this spoils a simulator racing game. At time of writing this article GT2 has 67 cars, 13 tracks and 1400 events where as RR3 has over 50 cars, just over 10 tracks and just over 1000 events, so really GT2 as a fair few more cars and events. But remember the developers are always updating and adding more content, so this could change over time.

real racing3

At the moment with just a few races in GT2, I think I’m going to play this a bit more than RR3 as I just find for myself anyway a better pick up and play racing game. Now I have started using my tablet which really was mainly for work to play more game on as had a normal ds and older style psp and still kept going back to the psp for a real racing game like gran turismo but I think gaming is getting better on Android and ios devices now, still either of these simulator games are not close to gran turismo psp, which has over 800 cars and over 45 tracks. But really now with the graphics a lot better than on the stand psp, don’t think will go back to the psp now, but if I really want can emulate the psp on the tablet using ppsspp.

So I have both installed on my tablet, but think will be playing gt racing more, though will always go back to real racing sometimes as at the moment I am a lot further through the game with a good few upgraded cars. Also found that GT Racing 2 supports directly usb / bluetooth gamepads. Though still probably won’t be spending a lot of real money on the in app purchases, I do think you should always pay for software but with in app purchase instead of paying outright for a game, I won’t be spending that much on these, and I’m not saying you should do this but there are ways and means if you look on the net to get unlimited credit for both games. But for now I will play the gt racing 2 until I do have to spend my hard earned cash and them will fully decided which one to carry on playing.

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By Kevin Simon

I run this blog & also self employed cleaning out fish ponds, but due to spinal problems not able to do as much, now started a youtube channel showing my converted Peugeot Partner micro camper also as interest in photography so now vlog about the trips and of course Lego figures out in the wild photos.

2 thoughts on “GT Racing 2 vs Real Racing 3”
  1. That’s the point I found when you are praising GT Racing 2, better control? The truth is, I played RR3 a long time and then tried GT R2, and after one lap I uninstalled the game immediately, the graphic is not nice and unrealistic, the sound also. And control of car, unrealistic. RR3 has everything realistic ( set off for all assist) and you really driving a real car. Gt R2 is for noob, RR3 is for pro. You can feel the differences of each car and have some time to get the feeling.

  2. Is this a review or a self made opinion. Firstly, playing games on a dual core with 1 go just enlightens that you know shit about hardcore gaming, playing at 20-30 fps on a mobile makes your opinion invalid doing a comparison between 2 racing games.
    I do play every game at 60fps and when i say every game, it means every game. Right now i own an OnePlus 3 bought recently and the Asus zenpad s8 also used for gaming but less.
    The comparison between RR3 and GR2 is as followed:
    RR3 wins in every level… Nuff’ said

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