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Great Way to Spend Birthday With a Bruised Big Toe Doing DIY

ByKevin Simon

Aug 10, 2020

As always there is something to do in the house, for the last few months the missus as been asking me to block in the fireplace as we had a move around last year and the TV and new modern fire went on the opposite wall than the chimney breast wall. I had the idea instead of blocking it off I would make it open but blocked off. We had an old bit of kitchen work surface so this was going to be the base for the box to fit in the fireplace.

Now as our patio is by the back door and so is the tool shed I just normally just set up the workbench, as only just out the back don’t normally have trainers on if dry. Well I was cutting a largish piece of work surface I had got the missus to hold the one side to level it up and I though as I cut the bit off I still would be able to hold the jigsaw and the off cut. How wrong I was. As I cut through I had the one end in my hand, but as I have problems with grip in my hands due to several medical conditions it slipped and landed at an angle right on my left big toe.

It hurt a bit but as I’m on a lot of pain killers normally I didn’t think it was bad until I noticed loads of blood coming through my sock. Took that off and there was a nice cut across my toe and then started throbbing more and even within few minutes the bruise started coming up. I used ice packs to hopefully keep down any swelling down after 10minutes of that my toe had swelled up a fair bit. The pain wasn’t to bad but I had already had 5 tramadol, 6 paracatemol and other medication including a morphine patch for my other pain.

The missus said it could be broken, but I just put a plaster over and carried on. was painful but to me was only another small pain to go with the rest of my body. I had done it at about 2 in the afternoon at about 8 when we had finished what I needed to do that day, took my trainer off and sock and yes was really bruised both around the toe and under the nail. The swelling was pushing my next two toes together so pain all over my foot.

Did a quick Google search for broken big toes and the pictures and description was the same as mine, though now way would go to A&E at around 9pm. I said to the missus would wait until the morning if the bruise and swelling had gone down I wouldn’t go to A&E. That night didn’t have that much sleep anyway due to my normal pains all over, as really had done to much that day and with my condition my body does suffer. Had to sleep on top of the quilt as if I even slightly knocked it it throbbed for a good few minutes. Well the next morning the bruise was bit worse so we made our way to A&E. Because of the current situation this was a bit different though was in and out within just over an hour.

I had an xray and wasn’t broken, though the doctor was surprised why it wasn’t hurting me as much until I told her the medication I’m on. I Was told could strap up if needed and mainly just rest it and not to drive for a few days. Though with me I like to keep going if I can so did have to finish off the fireplace. As with most older houses not one bit was straight so each side, bottom, top and back where all different sizes, what great fun. Well at least that looks good now.

The worst bit was the day going to A&E was my birthday, so what a great way to start your birthday having to go to hospital first thing 🙂 Well first I really shouldn’t listen to the missus when she asks me to do things (Only Joking) . But you can see from this you really do need to wear suitable footwear when even doing a simple job as this could have been a lot worse so was lucky really.

By Kevin Simon

I run this blog & also self employed cleaning out fish ponds, but due to spinal problems not able to do as much, now started a youtube channel showing my converted Peugeot Partner micro camper also as interest in photography so now vlog about the trips and of course Lego figures out in the wild photos.

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