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My Fathers Brass Belt Buckle Collection

ByKevin Simon

Jan 21, 2017


As regular reader will know my late father collected all sorts of items, one was belt buckles. I am now going through these to sell on, I have had one box off my mom and there is around 140 brass / metal belt buckles in and there is still at least another box full of them.

I didn’t realise that he had that many, they are all shapes and sizes, with different patterns and trademarks on. We are just going through them to sell, but the first thing we needed to do was just give them a bit of a clean up as been in the boxes for a few year. We got some Brasso to clean them up. I remember as a child having to clean the brass ornaments that my mom had using Brasso, and have great memories of this. It amazing that just thinking about one item brings back memories that you may have forgot about. Though I remember brasso was a yellowish thick liquid / cream and you used to get in a right mess with it. The pot that we brought had wadding in it with the liquid already on, which is a lot better than the brass I remember. Though using this and a cloth did clean them up. We wasn’t doing them perfect, just making them a bit more presentable for selling.

My father started collecting belt buckles in the late 80s, it started when he was brought a Star Trek belt buckle and then started from there. He brought them from different place including markets and car boots, my mom also brought ones for him for the local Brownhills Market. For me personally I don’t like the buckles as they are two big and heavy for me, but I do have one that for my main belt that my father gave me which is the letter K and is solid brass, and have to admit the best buckle I have ever had, and this is one I would never get rid of just for sentimental reasons.

He has some really nice ones, so far just going through about half of the first box, some are from companies like Baron Buckles, Bergamot, Deane and Adams etc . Most are solid brass with some that I think are pewter, some have enameled panels on them. So far most of the dates on them are between the 70’s and the mid 90’s, most are in good condition just need a really good clean to fully shine them up.

We thought on average without looking at the prices that they are selling for and would be about £5 sale price for each one without shipping cost. After I had took the photos for the ebay listing I was looking at the prices and was surprised at the cost that these are going for some we have are £30 plus, which was a real surprise. Though there are a lot that either don’t have a manufacture on or they look cheaper metal.

Some of the themes of the belt buckles we have are various have a good few Harley Davidson types, drinks like Budweiser etc, cars and bikes including Rolls Royce, a few Elvis & James Dean ones, most are just general types there are a good few with American themes. So far it has been interesting doing the research into these, but going to be a good few weeks before I get them all sorted. On writing this article we have already sold about 20 to the UK, Belgium, Italy and even Australia and I am glad they are going to good homes and that they will be appreciated as much as my father appreciated them.

You can see the belt buckles we have for sale either in our shop HERE or on eBay HERE

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By Kevin Simon

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