Beware 070 Phone Scams

Working for myself my mobile is my most important asset. So when I get missed calls I always return calls that are from mobile numbers or local area codes, as these could be potential customers. If the number is from a different area code or non geographical code i.e.beginning with 03 or 08, I don’t call these back also a tip if ever you get a call from a number you don’t know there are loads of sites on the net that will give you details if the number is junk, scan etc. So just google the number.

Though today I got a missed call from 070 987 10095, now at first glance this looks like a mobile number but, instead of prefix like 07816 (the start of my number) this showed 070 then a space. So this was unusual and i googled the number, and yes is a scam number.

The scam works something like this either it only rings a few times, so you dont get chance to answer or from what I have read maybe a real person or recorded message saying you may have an unpaid charge i.e. pizza, taxi or marketing call (you know the type) but the phone just cuts off. The reason for this is they want you to call back and a lot of people as the number begins with 07 would mistake for a normal mobile number.

Though these calls can cost between 30p to £1.50 per minute on a mobile phone and 4p to 65p per minute on a landlines. If you do get through may just cut of straight away or get pre-recorded message. As the call has connected you will get charged.

They are basically premium rate call back scams. There have been ones that you have had missed a parcel from a card through your door and need to call to rearrange. Now yes we all have had missed parcels, but always check the number first before ringing and if unsure get the official number of the parcel company off there website.

So always be on your guard when ringing numbers back, if unsure always google the number first, and also if no message left them probably is a junk call.

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