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Babbacombe Model Village

ByKevin Simon

Oct 8, 2012

While we was on holiday we went to the Babbacombe Model village, this is the one place that I wanted to visit while we was away, as this place holds a special to me, as on my 4th birthday I went there with my parents as my grandparents used to live in Torquay and we used to visit alot. Then I was on holiday with a ex partner of mine in Paington and on the way back we visited the miniature village and ironically it was my 24th birthday that day, so I visted the attraction exactly 20years later 🙂

The Entrance fee is £9.50 Adults, £7.50 Children, Family Ticket (2 + 2) is £32.00, we had found a slight discount voucher HERE , There is an addition cost of £1.00 per person if you want to go into the 4D Cinema experience. The car park at the site is not run by the model village and you have to pay for parking, if i remember right was just over £2.00 for 2hrs, you will need at least as there are lots to see and if you visit the 4D cinema. Price correct at time of visit please see offical site for detail of opening time and prices etc HERE.

As you go in you get a great view of the whole attraction, there is a terrace where you can sit and enjoy the views the day we went the weather wasn’t that great and we kept having to dodge the rain sometimes. As you walk around you go one way that leads you all the way trough the different models.  The models are highly detailed on the outside aswell as the inside. There are some great details that can be missed to you have to look carefully, the one that stood out to me was on tha large building by the entrance to the cinema was the windows cleaner on his ladder with a topless woman inside.

There is so much to look at with the details and look out for the names of shops etc as they do have some funny names, and of course the beach with the nudist part. Aswell for the kids you have to look out for waldo in the village. There are parts that are inside aswell, one showing you how the building are constructed and a section with movie themes The Model village was opened in 1963, so next year is the 50th anniversary of the attraction

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By Kevin Simon

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