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6 day Break at Penrhiw Campsite North Wales

ByKevin Simon

May 28, 2021

This year we have only had a weekend camping break due to lockdown. my brothers ex in laws have a static Caravan in the North Wales area which we looked at but also we looked around, just using a Google search for campsite in this area and we found Penrhiw Campsite in Ffair Rhos.  The cost is very good value at just 5 per person per night, so for me and the missus for 5 nights was only 50. We called in advance to make sure there was space. See their website for details HERE

We went between Sunday and came back on the friday, the missus was working until 1pm on the Sunday so I picked her up and went as we loaded up the car the day before, so see our new tent setup and what we take see in an upcoming article, so follow us for more details.

We used the postcode in the satnav to get us there, though went slighlty wrong, the campsite is on a crossroads with the Teifi Inn pub and the campsite is on the other corner, though the satnav end point was just up the one road which we drove up then thought not up here so drove back down and then seen the sign on the crossroads corner just by the bus stop, as the access in on the A4343. 

As you drive into the site the camp field is on your right and the factities are on the left. The campfield has gate access that does squeak :-). it is a thin long field, you can camp anywhere, when we got there there was 3 camper vans, a caravan and a single tent in the corner, as our new tent ins large at 6x4m whe put our tent long ways along the top of the field. so we had the front porch access at the side and we also have another door to the side, so this looked out on to the view.  Unforuntaly when we got there is was very windy so did take us longer then normal to put the tent up.

The factities are basic, you have two toilets and a shower, which have some books and leaflets in they are clean. there is a small washing upo area though just cold water and either side is waste disposal and tap for drinking water.  For us we have a flushable portable toilet, which is the best ever brought, so we didn’t really use the toilets unless we was on our way out and for washing , cleaning teeth etc.  We used the shower and was ok, just a normal size shower and the shower was powerful enough. When I say they are basic that isn’t a bad thing as that is all you really need anyway.

For us a camp site is just a base as we to go out and visit attractions in the area, We went to Aberystwyth, New Quay but unfortunately my back played me up so didn’t properly go out for two of the days. Though as I’m into my photography I did get up early for 2 of the mornings just to walk a bit up the roads to get the sunrise, which from here you get some great views. There is the ruins of the Abbey and a nature reserve within 10mins of the site. Down in the village there is a little shop if you need the basics. if you are going further afield do remember you are in the country side so the roads are narrow in parts and windy.

The site is great value for money and the lady that runs it is very friendly and you just can’t beat the views over the valley below, especially the one morning that the mist was covering the valley below and just looked like an ocean of fog. There were all different types of people stopping in the days that we were there from trail bikers up from Devon, just one night campers and other that stayed a few nights. The field does slope down a bit and you are by the road, though it isn’t a very busy road and there is a bank so that shield the noise a bit. If we were coming to this area again defiantly would come to this site again.

By Kevin Simon

I run this blog & also self employed cleaning out fish ponds, but due to spinal problems not able to do as much, now started a youtube channel showing my converted Peugeot Partner micro camper also as interest in photography so now vlog about the trips and of course Lego figures out in the wild photos.

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