Brownhills Methodist Church Christmas Trees

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Just a very quick post about the reminder of the Brownhills Methodist Church Christmas tree festival, the ceremony is on Thursday 6th that starts at 7:30 at the methodist church on silver street Brownhills, also  Open Fri daytime to view trees, open Sat 9am til 3pm with Christmas mini market. Free entry.

I will be there again this year to take some photos that then will be on this post ass soon as i get back.

The Evening is great for all the family the last few years I have gone I have been with my neigbours this year there will be the missus and all three kids aswell. Do remember it does get busy there as each year I have been it get more and more popular, now as people reading this may now im not really religious, so even if you are not religious in any way it is great to go to see all the decorated sponsored Christmas tress by local business, girl guides, beaver and scout groups and local charities etc.

P1210495.JPGP1210497_copy.jpgP1210499_copy.jpgP1210502.JPGP1210507.JPGP1210509.JPGP1210510_copy.jpgP1210511_copy.jpgP1210514.JPGP1210518.JPGP1210519_copy.jpgP1210524_copy.jpgP1210525_copy.jpgP1210526.JPGP1210527_copy.jpgP1210528.JPGP1210529_copy.jpgP1210530_copy.jpgP1210533_copy.jpgP1210535.JPGP1210546.JPGP1210548_copy.jpgP1210550.JPGPanorama 1.JPG

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  1. December 6, 2012

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  2. December 11, 2012

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