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What Our Family are Doing Concerning Coronavirus

ByKevin Simon

Mar 17, 2020

First my heart goes out to families that have lost someone to the coronavirus. At the moment me and the missus are away on a 5 day break in Norfolk just at a caravan park. Yesterday the government announced measures for coronavirus. On the site we are on there is a small entertainment complex, we didn’t hear this news yesterday saying avoid pubs, clubs and crowed places. But we went to the complex now on the site we are on as in school term time there are not that many people here. We went in their was under 20 people in the complex excluding the staff. So realiscally we shouldn’t have gone in if we had adhered to the government advise.

Today is our second day here, now normally on a break as we are national trust & English heritage member we go out to the local places are wherever we are staying. Today we had planned to go to two different English heritage places one an Abby ruins and the other a castle. Both of these are completely open air. So as writing this we are not sure what we should do.

Though for our family both my missus or my daughter are more likely to get this in normal life as my missus works at a big discount retailer so she is in contact and close proximity to normal member of the public for 5hrs per day. Our daughter goes to college and also does two days placement in a nursery so again she is close to others daily. Now I’m self employed and mainly clean fish ponds for a living, I do normally 2 jobs a week in customers gardens so I’m normally only in contact with 2 people at most, this is due to spinal heath problems.

Our daughter is a home this week and at college / placement, so even this week if we don’t go out anywhere at all we could get back and our daughter could have got it, also the missus could go back to work on Monday and get it. Now I’m not saying that you shouldnt be careful YOU SHOULD, always wash hands keep a good distance from people and take care.

Now out of our family I’m the one that should be worried more as I do have several heath problems I have two different spinal problems, I have small problems with my liver and lungs and have had suspected heart problems. Now yes I should be more careful than anyone else, But as I’m self employed I have to work and if I have to self isolate even though not showing any signs of infection for two weeks at the moment I could loose out on nearly £2000 as got some big jobs coming up, which I can’t afford to do, as the pond business is seasonal Now is the time that work starts and normally only have until the end of October so any more I earn now sees us through the winter when I’m not earning that much at all.

The one thing that is stupid and everyone have spoken to and heard off thinks the same is the panic buying and hoarding. I don’t understand why people are doing this. And why Toilet roll as the virus doesn’t make you go to the loo more 🙂 . For me also the people buying Paracetamol, I have to take a lot of medication each day and one of those is Paracetamol I take 2 with a tramadol 4 times a day plus more tramadol and others, most are controlled drugs so these are on prescription only. But Paracetamol I get over the counter so a pack of 16 only lasts me 2 days. Most shops only allow 2 at a time so I do have to stock up on these but normally only get 6 packs a time which for me lasts max 12 days, As I have to keep medication in car at home both up stairs and downstairs as the times I’m not working I can’t even get out of bed.

So if I can get paracetamol I may not even be able to do any jobs or even walk or get around the house, and more inportantly will be in major pain, as the medication I take is used in combination so the tramadol takes a bit of the sharp pain away but the paracetamol takes a bit of the aches and pains away.

So this panic buying will affect the people in need which isn’t fair, like I said we are away in self catering, and we went to a large Tesco last night and there was no fresh meat, potatoes, even bread was in short supply. I wish people wouldn’t be so selfish as there are other that are in need as well and if we all buy normally there won’t be a problem.

Will update later on what we have decided to do while we are away.

By Kevin Simon

I run this blog & also self employed cleaning out fish ponds, but due to spinal problems not able to do as much, now started a youtube channel showing my converted Peugeot Partner micro camper also as interest in photography so now vlog about the trips and of course Lego figures out in the wild photos.

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