Visiting the caravan and camping show at NEC – Lego Adventures

Having a day out at the caravan and camping show at the NEC Birmingham. As we are avid campers it is nice to see what is available. We don’t need a new tent as Brought a very large 6 man tent late last year with full carpet etc. See our article for the first time we went camping HERE.

The show is over 5 halls, Most of the main exhibitors are for motorhomes or caravans. This was the first time we have had a look around motorhomes or caravan as within the next few years we will be upgrading from our tent to a caravan. Though really they were out of our price range. But did give us some ideas.

The hall we was interested in the most was the one with the tents and camping equiopment. There was so much to see as well as the larger exhibitor there were some great smaller ones selling all different types of products.

This is the first time we have been round one of these types of shows and was really interesting, Though for me was a long day and tiring. We got the just after 9am though the show didn’t open until 10am. we left just before 3 though did have to have a few rests and my walking slowed down to a crawl. For people with mobility problems you can hire mobility scooters if needed.

Here are some of the pictures from the show and as this is more the lego adventures side of course with my one lego mini figure.

If Caravaning or camping is of interest the show is great to go and have a look at what’s new and posibbly buy a new motorhome, caravan or camping equipment.

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