Sun lego offer October 2011

The sun again gave away lego toy sets between the 8th and 15 October 2011, the sets were

Star Wars Star Destoryer no. 30053

Harry Potter The Lab no. 30111

City Blue Truck no. 30024

Alien Quest Jet pack no, 30141

Cars 2 Gremlin no. 30121

Ninjago Ninja Training no. 30082

Harry Pottter Trolley Boy no. 30110

Again the set like all the  other Sun & News of the world promotions you had to collect from either WH Smiths or Toys-r-us. You had to be there early as most shops seem to have non left after about 11am.  The sets were easy to build the kids and myself enjoyed builing them, as most people know I normally write about these offers in the paper and put photos on here, though im a bit late in writing this as to be honest forgot to take all the photos, well here they are anyway.


In March 2013 the Lego group ended their partnership with the Sun newspaper to give away promotional lego packs that they have been doing for the last 2 years. This conencided with a lobbying group about banning page 3. In August 2013 the daily mail started doing promotional lego sets with their newspaper.

[pe2-gallery album=”aHR0cDovL3BpY2FzYXdlYi5nb29nbGUuY29tL2RhdGEvZmVlZC9iYXNlL3VzZXIvMTA0ODcxNjc4MzIxOTY4NTAxMTY4L2FsYnVtaWQvNTcxMTU1MDEyODMyODYwMTEyMT9hbHQ9cnNzJmFtcDtobD1lbl9VUyZraW5kPXBob3Rv”]


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