My Old Garden

When I moved into one of my old houses the garden was just grass and no real plants in the garden, and at the time i moved in the grass was over a foot tall, so took me ages to get it tidy ish 🙂 so I completely redesigned the garden and over time had to change so the kids could make use of the space.

Here are some pictures of my old garden – not that special really but the main feature is the fish pool in the right corner which is 18ft by 4 ft and about 4ft deep, it mainly had small goldfish and small koi.

The water fall was a nice feature as well it hid the uv, there was a under-gravel filter in the bottom of the pond by the waterfall to keep it clean, it took me about 3 days to build with the help of my father who run pond and pool services. I now look after the PPS business for fish pond servicing only now, no real rebuilds, but if anyone does have a fish pond in their garden and need a clean get in contact with me either through here or go to the website. There was also some decking at the bottom right of the garden this was nice in the summer as there is shade from the sun because of the apple tree in the garden. In the end we had took out the apple tree to make more room for the kids to play in the garden, as well as extensively re-planted the borders.

as this site is just abit of fun for me this is just for reference really, as i know the pictures aren’t that good really lol.
[SWF], 550, 500[/SWF]

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