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KS Web Design & KS Pond Services


Well If you seen the About Me page, you will know that my name is Kevin Simon & I am the developer of this site. I also run two different kind of businesses, though the are all under the KS Web Design Name, so here is a breakdown of the businesses.

To see details on either businesses click on the relevant logo to goto relevant section of this site.

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KS Web Design

KS Web Design is a company based in that will design and maintain all your web site needs. From a personal one page site to a large company site with online shopping.  We also specialize in computer consultancy and software training. If you are having any computer problems or are just having trouble using your pc.

Onsite Prices Start from £20

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KS Pond Services

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KS Pond Services can carry out a full service of your fish pond, so is your fish pool dirty, can’t see your fish, pump not working as it used to, not changed your UV tube for awhile, your filter blocked, water green with algae, Then we can help with a full service of your fish/koi pond at very competitive rates.

Prices start from £70 for a Service