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Thanks for visiting my site, hope you found what you was looking for. I write everything and anything. I setup this site mainly for reviews of family days out, but now do anything from reviews of gadgets, apps, etc and really anything that interests me, so if you like what you have read please have a look around.

This site is independently run by Kevin, all reviews and views are my own, so why not support my site by following updates to this blog.

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I like my photography, Most of the photos I take are to accompany the articles on this site, but also I take some more unusual photos, they are in my photo blog, I also do the adventures of Doctor Who in miniature, at first this was using a lego type figure for the 11th Doctor, now using the action figure of the 12th Doctor.

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Photo Blog

Some of my more unusual photos

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Photo Albums

All of my photo albums for this site

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