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Generic Tablet Keyboard Case’s Review

ByKevin Simon

Feb 25, 2015

Tablet Keyboard Cases

Over the last few years of owning different tablets, these Inc two different entry level 7″ mid tablets, zenithink c91 upgrade 10″, sumvision cyclone voyager 10″, and now a hudl 2 8.3″. With all these tablets I have brought keyboard folio cases, as for most typing I do prefer a physical keyboard and as well like a case to protect the tablet when going out.

These kind of cases are available from stores aswell as Amazon, eBay etc for anything from £6 to £20 these do depend on the size and the type of keyboard. Most of them available are universal so they would fit most tablets as they have adjustable sides, these can be either on the sides or on top or bottom. The entry level ones connect to your tablet by a USB connection which are normally available in mini or micro USB connection. The slightly more expensive ones connect through Bluetooth.

Some of the ones I have owned have good point and bad points. I do prefer the ones that have keys that are like a laptop keyboard, did have one designed for Samsung note, but fitted the sumvision tablet perfect, did have keys that had a silicone overlay. In one sense this was great as was completely sealed so if spilled anything like a drink over it could wipe it clean. But with this one I didn’t like the feel of the keyboard as did feel a bit spongey.

The one I currently own that can be seen in the photo above, which is the blue leather type case with a white keyboard, this is a universal one designed for 7″ tablets, but I found fits the Tesco hudl 2 perfectly even though this tablet has a 8.3″ screen. It has a adjustable top so the tablet slides in perfectly and does hold it into place, but with no supports at the side the tablet can slide out. This is easily solved by using a band around the case when transporting it.


The only problem for some of these type of keyboard cases is when using them to type as the stand is normally a hinged part at the back, when fully extended you can’t use it on your lap, as the stand will be to far back on your lap, this mainly is a problem with the larger cases. But they are perfect for using on a desk really does make your tablet a mini laptop and most tablets you can even connect a mouse to help with office apps.

It depends on what I am typing whether I use the case keyboard or one screen keyboard, as if I am typing a long article do find it better using a physical keyboard, but for shorter articles I use on screen keyboards and for Android I flick between two which are Swiftkey and thumbkey, I will go into the pros and cons of these two apps in another article.

So if you are looking for a case for your tablet, it may be worth having a look at the ones with a keyboard, if you are using your tablet for a bit of typing or using office apps like word processing, as does make it easier. And really the ones with the keyboards are normally only a few pound more than just a standard folio case, and still will protect your device while you are carrying it about or in your bag.

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By Kevin Simon

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