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Full Tour of my CHEAP DIY Peugeot Partner Stealth Car Camper Van

ByKevin Simon

Jun 17, 2022

Just a quick recap , in the middle of 2021, I brough an 03 plate Peugeot partner hdi the quicksilver model (the one with 5 sun roof panels) the idea was to turn into a micro stealth camper as cheap as possible. One of the main reasons for doing this is that I love my photography and because of have spinal problems the advantage of this camper would be that I could get close to places I want to photograph for sunrise etc without having to drive far after waking up.

I have published on this blog four parts also they are on my YouTube channel on how his conversion was done, click HERE to see all parts, so won’t go into the full details here, just have a look at those articles for full details. This year I did a full tour (update more been done since then) so this is just a quick article to accompany the video below.

Just a quick plug for the YouTube channel, it’s not just about the build I also film the trips we go on with how we get on in the van aswell as the photography side, so if you could subscribe, that wil help my channel out greatly and try to make it grow a bit more as will give me the incentive to carry on doing the videos.

Well anyway here is a breakdown of the cost up till that point the video was taken, now first the car was cheap and know probably won’t last that long as nearly 20 years old, but it was listed at 950, and I got the seller down to 750, which for what I needed was great value, now have had slight mechanical problems like battery, starting problems etc, but these are simple fixes and you expect with a car of this age. if it lasts me 2 years I will be happy and then prob will want another camper project, maybe a little bigger but not too much

For the interior I wanted to make as nice as possible while still keeping as cheap as I could. I did carpet the sides , ceiling and bed / sitting frames, now some of this could have left bare wood, but just wanted that more comfatable feeling if you know what I mean. And even though is a small space wanted to put a proper toilet in, which most people don’t even realise the amount of thing we have in the camper.

At time of writing this article myself I been away 5 or 6 times and a few times with the missus, which even for the size of the caper can sleep 2 comfortably. Which was one of the things with the design yes would be mainly just me on my own, but wanted it that the missus could enjoy it as well, as we loved going camping together.

For the parts to convert into a camper this includes the main parts for structure, cosmetic, carpet and even the solar electric system was just over 550, then on top of that 120 for mechanical parts, so for the full price was under 1425, which for what I have is great value, I did spend a bit extra on a private registration plate to match my other car but that was only 250 Inc the transfer fee

So as you can see you don’t need to spend an amazing amount of money to be able to do a little camper and as you can stay in most places as being a small car basically no one know that none is staying in there, so saved a fair bit not having to pay for campsites. I hope this has given inspiration to anyone thinking of either getting a campervan or trying to do it themslves, but belive me when you think it is done, you will always find ways to improve your design for the better. Again if you haven’t seen all the other parts click HERE

By Kevin Simon

I run this blog & also self employed cleaning out fish ponds, but due to spinal problems not able to do as much, now started a youtube channel showing my converted Peugeot Partner micro camper also as interest in photography so now vlog about the trips and of course Lego figures out in the wild photos.

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