Daily Mail Lego Offer 2013

dail mail lego offer

Just a quick post about the Daily Mail lego give away starting next week 17th August 2013, there are 6 sets to collect, these can be collected from WH Smiths with a voucher that will be in the paper they do state “One toy per original voucher , per customer only. Photocopied, damaged or defaced vouchers will not be accepted. Do not attempt to redeem this voucher against any other product or promotion” .

The lego sets that you can collect are as follows:

Saturday 17th August – 30260 Lone Ranger Pump Car
Monday 19th August – 30240 Z-95 Headhunter
Tuesday 20th August – 30105 Friends Mailbox
Wednesday 21st August – 30222 City Police Helicopter
Thursday 22nd August – 30108 Friends Summer Picnic
Friday 23rd August – 30251 Chima Pack Patrol

also on Sunday 18th and 25th you can claim a larger free LEGO toy RRP – £9.99. To receive this you need to cut out the token from both Sunday 18th and 25th . Pick-up at Toys R Us : with two Mail on Sunday tokens on Sunday 25th August / Monday 26th August.

They are:

70100 – Ring of Fire
70105 – Nest Dive.

Now im not a normal Daily Mail reader, but will get these as previous year have collected the sets from the Sun newspaper, click links as follows to see details of these previous offers and photos (2011 , Oct 2011, May 2012, Oct 2012 )  and the Mirror ( Lego Racers, Lego Creator) and as normal will post photos of the sets when they become available.

If you like lego why not have a look at the photos i do for the adventure of Dr Who, by character building, the micro figures and sets are compatible with Lego click HERE for more. Also if you like this post why not follow on FACEBOOK or TWITTER for updates.

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