The So Called Internet Porn Filters

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This is just a quick post with my opinion on the porn filters that the ISPs are now starting to bring in after our government decided that as normal parents and normal people that we shouldn’t be in full control of what we look at on the Internet, so really they have decided to sensor the Internet themselves as they think we aren’t responsible enough to do this for ourselves.

Now with some of the ISPs starting to bring these files in for new users, there are already reports of sites being blocked that don’t contain anything of a pornographic nature, these can be anything from sex educational sites to even sites that may contain a word or even a slang word for anything of a sexual nature. Though at the moment the filters can be turned off if you ask your isp, but most people won’t do this as could be seen as being a pervert and cause embarrassment.

Now I agree that porn is very easily accessible on the net and that our children shouldn’t be able to get access to this easily, but they will always look, like when I was a kid it was looking at the underwear section in a clothes catalog, but this is just the nature of being curious. Now me being a responsible parent I do block certain sites from the kids pc’s and also do monitor what they look at, but some parents don’t know how to do this on the own pc’s but there are loads of software available that are free or paid for there are even parental filters built into Microsoft Windows. So this should be really parents that should do this, and if parents don’t know what to do and how to set this up they should ask someone with knowledge or do research before giving there children any sort of Internet devices as this is what a responsible parent should do or even talk to your children about these kinds of things, so that the kids know they can talk to there parents about let’s say the birds and the bees, and not the government as this can lead to more censorship of the Internet of a whole.

What worries me is more sites could get blocked if the government doesn’t want us to see it, now yes at the moment there are teething problems blocking sites that really shouldn’t be and in time the will sort it’s self out, but in the future anything could be hidden behind these filters, ie what I am writing about now which is against this government rule, so if they don’t want anything against the government they could block my whole site and no one would be the wiser even though my site dies not contain anything racial, extremist, sensual etc ie with this article the picture to accompany this article is a very blurred snapshot of a well known porn video site so this could be seen as porn graphic, now my site I do reviews of family days out etc so in no way my site has any pornographic material on it, though in a side note my site does contain adverts but I have directly no control if what adverts appear as this is controlled by Google though I do have set for no adverts of a serial nature. So this could go for anything as this could take away our free speech. Just look at what happens in China with what is classes as the great firewall of China, blocking sites that most people take for granted ie Facebook, Twitter etc or anything that speaks out about the government rule.

So this is my thought the government are using this as a smoke screen to eventually hide anything that speaks out against the government, ie the fiasco about ATOS, future embarrassments like the scandal about ministers expenses etc the list could go on and on, and then even go to try blocking download sites, look at what happened to torrent sites like piratebay, but like anyone knows there are very easy ways to get around this and this would be the same for someone really that what’s the look at porn on the Internet, if you look hard enough even with filters in place you could find it, though I do agree that certain type of porn on the Internet should be shut down ie child porn, rape sites etc, but then as a final note in that the types of illegal sites I say should be took down is this now again censorship on my part.

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