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I have designed a printable list as a PDF file, so you can print this off and keep it with you so you can keep track of the wasgij’s you have done or got, and the pdf file you can click on one of the puzzles and will bring to direct to that solution page on this site. I have had to put as a paid download but for less than a price of a coffee, this will make sure you don’t buy duplicates, which trust me I have in the past. Payments are secure through PayPal, click image below to start purchase.

Destiny Range (24 in total)

1 Time of our Lives 1000 pieces item no. 10141 (Reveal Solution)
2 The Proposal 1000 pieces item no. 10142 (Reveal Solution)
3 The Sands of Time 1000 pieces item no. 10486 (Reveal Solution)
4 Olympic Odyssey 1000 pieces item no. 10986 (Reveal Solution)
5 Time Travel 1000 pieces item no. 01993 (Reveal Solution)
6 Child Play 1000 pieces item no. 10877 (Reveal Solution)
7 Rock around the Clock 1000 pieces item no. 10899 (Reveal Solution)
8 High Season 1000 pieces item no. 10913 (Reveal Solution)
9 Super Models 1000 pieces item no. 10918 (Reveal Solution)
10 High Street Hassle 1000 pieces item no. 13636 (Reveal Solution)
11 The Office 1000 pieces item no. 13200 (Reveal Solution)
12 Market Mayhem 1000 pieces item no. 17231 (Reveal Solution)
13 Commuting Chaos 1000 pieces item no. 17303 (Reveal Solution)
14 How Times have Changed 1000 pieces item no. 17407 (Reveal Solution)
15 Shopping Shake Up! 1000 pieces item no. 19109 (Reveal Solution)
15th Anniversary – A Royal Knees-up 2x 1000 pieces item no. 17234 (Reveal Solution)
16 Old Time Rockers 1000 Pieces Item no. 19125 (illustration)  (Reveal Solution)
17 Paying The Price 1000 Pieces Item No. 19141 (Reveal Solution)
18 Fast Food Frenzy 1000 pieces Item No. 19157 (Reveal Solution)
19 The Puzzlers Arms 1000 Pieces Item No. 19166(Reveal Solution)
20 The Toy Shop 1000 Pieces Item No. 19171(Reveal Solution)
21 Highway Hold-up! 1000 Pieces Item No. 19180(Reveal Solution)
22 Trip To The Tip! 1000 Pieces Item No. 25001(Reveal Solution)
23 Theme Park Thrills 1000 Pieces Item No. 25005(Reveal Solution)
24 Business as Usual! 1000 Pieces Item No. 25013(Reveal Solution)