Lego Mini figures By Candle Light For Earth Hour

Lego characters have turned off the lights for earth hour (March 24th 2018). Earth hour is now in its 11th year. The idea is to araise awareness of climate change. Between 8.30 to 9pm local time around the world normal people aswell as major landmarks turn off the lights.

We will do this though for us like many others in our house in the last year or so we have replaced even the energy saving bulbs with LED bulbs. Which use very little power, and really in any room we now don’t have the main ceiling lights on, just normally a lamp. Though the main amount of electricity we use is normally the TV though again all of our TV are again led, so bit more power efficient . To be honest I’m on to keep an eye on the amount of power we use and having a smart meters does help with this. Though also I have a gadget that goes between device and socket so can see how much power that one item just uses.

It is a good idea with earth hour etc to make people aware of this, which most are but really its not the normal people it companies ie advertising boards etc. That must use more than the average household.

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