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Autumn is nearly upon us, we have had a unusual year for weather, baking hot days and torrential rain others.

This weather has as caused problems with fish ponds, algae blooms, Blanketweed plumes, which has put strain on filters. This has meant that ponds that were normally clear have haven’t been as clear as they should. Even though now your pond may seem clear, there now will be lots more sediment at the bottom of the pond.

So why not get your pond ready for the autumn and winter with a full service or even just a complete filter clean, use the form below to submit your details.

I’m booking from 24th September, as usual the order the service details come through will be the order they are done. Once you click submit it will be sent straight to me, you will also receive conformation by email and I will be in touch within 5 days.

Regards Kevin

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    Alternatively you can send your details by email kss@kevinsimon.co.uk or by text to 07816 059342.

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