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As part of KS Pond Services I get asked several question about maintenance of garden fish ponds so I have created this section for tips for your garden pond, These tips range from information about water loss, pump maintaince & cost, installing a new pond, planting, wildlife, fish care etc.

I will be adding more throughout the year in this section, so why not follow this site for updates. If you have any questions you would like answered please get in touch and I will be able to help you.

  • First Frog Spawn Of The Year - Information on frogspawn Inc how frogs / toads breed and when with tips on taking care of the Spawn and the tadpoles & why so early
  • Fish Pond Filter and Pump Cleaning - Information on cleaning pond filter and pump, complete service of foam medium Inc pressurised filter uv combo, full service available Midlands & Staffordshire (KS Pond Services)
  • My New Assistant – Lego Adventures - For my job I clean out fish ponds (KS Pond Services) on one job I needed help, so got a new assistant. Though unfortunately he was a bit too small to help out that much. He tried his best, on this job there was a lot of baby fish and baby newts that needed catching […]
  • Examples of Full Fish Pond Clean - Here are just a few examples of a full service on different ponds, All of the photos below was taken on the day of the services some start to finish, other just part way through. Do remember as I finish a full service the water may still be cloudy or plants not fully upright, as […]
  • Frog Stuck in Pump - A customer rang me up as their pump had stopped working, as they are just under an hour away, I was said would talk them through to clean the pump. I first got them to get hold of the [pump while in the water, as they could feel vibration from the pump I knew that […]
  • KS Pond Services Undertakes From The Smallest To Largest Ponds - KS Pond Services will cover from the smallest of pond to very large ponds. Here is examples of the smallest pond we have cleaned and the largest pond that needed tidying up. Small pond This small pond (approx 4ft x 2ft and approx 1.5ft deep) upon arrival was in a bit of a state with […]
  • Looking After Your Garden Pond In Cold Weather - Over the normal winter period there is not that much you really need to do maintenance wise to your garden pond. As the last few winters have been pretty mild. Though the last week I have been having a few calls for advice as at the time of writing this post the beginning of March […]
  • First Full Fish Pond Clean Of 2018 - As the temperatures at the beginning of the year are too cold to do full service / clean out of fish ponds with fish. This is because while temperatures on a normal day are below about 4 degrees Celsius, fish are more down at the bottom of your pond this is because the temperature is […]
  • Fish Pond Volume Calculator - One question I am asked by my customers is the amount of water volume in their fish pond, so thought would create a calculator to work it out and also recommend size of UV light and pump size. You can use measurements in either feet or metres, take the average measurements of the size of […]
  • Pond Clean From Start to Finish - This was a small pond clean, The customer had taken photos of me working, so though would share the photos, I normally try to take photos of the progress of some ponds. Though this is the first time I have photos of me getting the job done and in these very dirty 🙂 This pond […]