Christmas Tree Festival – Brownhills Methodist Church

Just a very quick post, tonight I went to the switch on of the chistmas tree lights at the brownhills Methodist church for their Christmas tree festival in silver street, brownhills. Now I’m not religous at all but went with friends. The evening is a service including singing of carols, also a choir singing, the Mayor af Walsall also did a little speech. To be honest was a very enjoyable evening.  All seats were taken and some people had to stand.

It is all for charity with 28 christmas trees sponsored by local bussiness, brownies, schools etc. The church is open Friday 10th and Saturday 11th december, so if you are visiting the newly re-opened brownhills market pop in, as it is all for charity, below are some pictures if the christmas trees. There is a total of 28 tress all decorated by the sponsors and all light up.

This festival hasn’t been done for a few years, but was on this year so if it will be a yearly event,  it will be well worth going to the switch on next year. as the whole family would enjoy the evening, but in the mean time pop in over the next few days to see a very beautiful scene.

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  1. December 12, 2019

    […] I can use on the blog, it would be most welcome, as work prevents me attending before the weekend. past events have been lovely and I’d love to feature it here once […]

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