Panic Buying for Toilet Roll – Lego Adventures

With everything that is going on at the moment due to Coronavirus, the one thing I still cannot understand is panic Buying that going on. We went shopping on Saturday to our usual 3 places, in farm foods literally all the freezers were empty, no dog food, potatoes etc, in Tesco most of the fresh meat section was gone, freezer section again half empty etc the same then in Aldi.

We was lucky last week as we was able to get a pack of 18 loo rolls, though had seen others with 3 pack in trolleys. Don’t know anyone that can go to the loo that much lol.

I wish people would stop panic buying as really doesn’t help the people in need and remember we are all in thus together.

This is the adventures of Lego mini figures in the real world, from just the mundane to visiting attractions, with all different characters, so if you like this photo please share or follow their adventures.

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