Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway

We Recently went on a trip to Lakeside & Haverthwaite railway which is near Ulverston in Cumbria. Price wise for just the train from lakeside to Haverthwaite is £6.20 adults, £3.10 Children or Family Ticket £16.50 (2 adults + 3 Children) these prices are return fair on the train. Though because the Station at Lakeside is by the Lakes Aquarium you can get a joint ticket for the railway and aquarium this costs £34.80 But before we went on holiday I had found a discount ticket online which was half price, though I had to buy in advance from this website HERE. To see the info on the Aquarium read my article HERE.

We was at the lakeside station, parking was £3.50 for over 3hrs parking, while we was waiting for the train to depart, there is a coffee shop so can get hot drink, cakes etc. we walked down the platform a bit, the view from the lakeside harbour is a great view. Below is a panoramic view of the lakeside harbour of windermere.

The train departs about every 40mins, the train journey between the main two station takes about 15mins, between the stop there is a stop at Bowness on Windermere for the Lakeland motor museum though on this trip we didn’t visit the museum. The station at Haverthwaite is a very nice station, there is a café, also while we was there as nearly Halloween there was activities for the children.

There is a the rail shed with different vehicles and old locomotives, this would be a great place for anyone interested in trains or railways as some well restored vehicles, again as it was nearly Halloween this was decorated with ghost, pumpkins etc. outside was a railway cart that you could go into, this was like a ghost train for Halloween, the kids did like it though one of them didn’t want to go in as a bit scared.

We then returned to the Lakeside station, the train journey was a nice trip, though the day we was there it was a bit murky and foggy so couldn’t see that much out of the windows. I would recommend going on the train and if you get the joint tickets for the aquarium is great value. I’m not a real rail or train enthusiast but seeing and going on a stream train was a great experience. As-well as the train journey you can get from lakeside all different boat trips. To visit the official website for opening times and upto date prices goto HERE.

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