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Graphics Design

We can design graphics for whatever you require from company logo’s to bespoke images for use within printed material, online or video productions.
For your website we can professionally take photos of your products etc to promote on your website, leaflets, brochures etc. We also work in conjunction with Darkslide Photography, they specialize in portrait, main stream fashion, pin-up & burlesque photography. Again all these photography services are at very competitive rates.

We also now offer a photo editing and retouching service, this can include scanning of your old photo’s and restoring them to there former glory or taking that special image and editing it to emphasis that special moment. All images are then supplied back on DVD so you can get them professionally printed on all sorts of media including canvas’s. KS Web design do not print images direct but we can recommend companies that can do the work at very reasonable prices.

If you have a selection of photo’s (either in digital or printed form) you require to show family and friends we can take those photos and create a video montage and could include your favourite music to accompany your video slideshow, we can also edit certain old video footage and convert to DVD.

Software Training

We can provide software training on most Windows applications and operating systems, these include Windows Vista and Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and even the new version of 10 when available, Also certain versions of linux distros ie Mint & Ubuntu. Also most software applications including these MS Office,  Publisher or even your dvd writing software or internet training on how to use and get the best of of the websites you visit including facebook, google etc all the training is done In your own home ON YOUR PC. This makes it easier for you to learn as you know your setup and feel compatible on your pc.

This makes for a relaxed environment which means that you will learn more!

We can also do training on an version of Microsoft Windows including Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and even the new version of 10 when available, so if you have had that new pc and need help using windows or setting up your old software, and need your old data and setting from you old pc we can help you get your new pc running smoothly. let us know and we can help

Get in contact with us for your tailored training, that is individual to you.

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