Fish Pond Liner Installation

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These steps are the basic installation of a fish pond / pool liner.

A pool liner has the advantage of flexibility of size and shape. It’s up to you.

A liner is supplied in a square or rectangular sheet. So for ease of construction and less wastage, design a shape with sweeping curves rather than numerous narrow inlets and necks.

An important consideration is depth. Under 15″ deep there is a danger of it freezing solid in winter and being too hot in summer. Having said that, with the exception of specialized Koi ponds, there is no practical reason for a pool to be over 30″ deep. A good average is 18″ – 24″. Creating a ledge 9″ below the water surface and 9 wide provides a home for marginal plants. Lilies and other deep water aquatics can be planted in the deep area.


Construction is simple. Excavate the pool insuring the walls are at an angle of 15° – 20° (3″ inwards for every 9″ depth). Remove any stones or sharp protruberances. Strips of Liner Underlay should be laid in the excavation to provide cushioning for the liner.


Next drape the liner loosely into the pool anchoring the edges with stones or bricks but ensuring that the liner is sufficiently loose to avoid stretching, and then start running water onto the liner. The weight of water will bed the liner snugly into your sculptured hole. Once the pool is filled trim away the surplus liner leaving a 6″ flap around.


Now for the finishing touches. The perimeter of the pool may be edged with slabs or paving stones that overhang by 2″ to hide the liner. To enhance the aesthetic appeal even more the liner may be taken up behind a layer of stones or rocks with a paved edging laid on top. Thus when the water level falls due to evaporation the stones or rocks become visible and the liner remains concealed beneath the water level.


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