Nooky Poundland Sex Toy Range Review & Thoughts

First of all this is something I don’t normally review but though I would share our thoughts on the Poundland range of sex toys. The first thing I should state both me and the missus have never use any sex toys, so this is coming from a couple that are new to this, and they say your never to old to try new things as let’s put it this way we are aged over mid 40s, so we thought it would be a laugh to have a go, we brought a few items in the Nooky and passion pleasers Both available from poundland and are just £1 each.

Below I have listed the items and the description on the box and our thoughts on each one. Though this was only a quick mess around with them. I’m not going into full details as this website is family friendly.

Nooky Vibrating Love Ring

(Share the vibe, Lube up this flexible, vibrating love ring, give it a stretch, slip it on and press play and you’ll be maxing out on sexy sensations all night long. Upto 30 minutes vibrating time.)

This felt OK on me, the vibration from it is reasonable but not that powerful. Though when using it the missus did get a nice feeling from it, but as she said not that amazing. It did seem to slip around a bit so the vibration part couldn’t stay in the right place.

Nooky Finger Fun Stimulator

(Touch me, tease me, tickle me! Touch me, tease me, tickle me! Pop this stimulator on your finger, get frisky and gently rub where it feels good, letting the nobbly bobbles work their magic, and an orgasm that fizzes!)

First this reminds me a a little thimble, as the name suggests you put this on your finger, and do what ever you want, we tried different ways neither of us felt it worked that well. You could use this down there but would recommend using some sort of lube. As can be bit rough.

Nooky Joy Ring

(Love sex longer, Thick, strong and stretchy, this joy ring will bring smiles if you want to stay harder for longer. For a super-charged session, lube up, slip on the ring and you’ll feel like a king.)

This is supposed to make you keep it up longer, only tried it for bit, so cant fully comment on this one. As for me did feel bit too tight, I know it should to do its job, but I felt it more uncomfortable than anything.

Passion Pleasers – Love Egg

(Hit the spot, requires 2 x AA batteries)

Now this one is for the women and the missus did really like this one, the vibration from the egg is pretty powerful and we only put in cheap batteries. And in the ways that it was used did hit the spot for her, the wire isn’t that long, but just long enough if using on your own.


I have only seen two types in poundland, just normal and a tingle one. We got the tingle one. This does give a nice tingle and warm felling, so does enhance your pleasure for just normal use without anything else.

Final thoughts
Well we just spent £5 for a laugh and can say was worth it, the best one was the love egg, which I would definitely recommend, the others were OK though again what do you expect from just a pound. These are cheap so I don’t expect them to last long but for the price as long as even you use them once you haven’t wasted that much money. Getting these has got us interested in other toys and as of writing this just ordered a starter pack from love honey, so may report back on these.

Also if you find the Lego photos funny, I do a part of this website that I take photo of Lego mini figures on there adventures, see HERE for more details

If anyone else has tried these you can comment on this post but please keep it clean.

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