Completed Ravensburger What If Jigsaw Puzzles

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I’m a big fan of the Wasgij jigsaw puzzles and I put the solution up for those HERE. I didn’t realise Ravensburger did a simular range like the wasgij range until a reader got in touch asking if I had the solutions to the Ravensburger, What if range.

I have put together a complete list of all the What if puzzles below, also I will be getting these to do when I have the chance but have collected a few images from around the net (ie not my photos) that will help you out if stuck with the solutions for the Ravensburger what if range. Click the “Lower Res” link by the side of the puzzle to see a lower quality image these images I will replace with better quality ones once I have got and done them.

  1. WHAT IF? The Lost Lottery Ticket, 1000pc (lower res)
  2. WHAT IF? Open Day in the Garden, 1000pc
  3. What If? Home Makeover, 1000pc (lower res)
  4. What If? At the Vets, 1000pc (lower res)
  5. WHAT IF? The Village Hall 1000pc
  6. WHAT IF? The Pet Parlour, 1000pc (lower res)
  7. WHAT IF? The Portrait 1000pc (lower res)
  8. WHAT IF? The Racehorse 1000pc (lower res)
  9. WHAT IF? Santa & Rudolph, 1000pc (lower res)
  10. WHAT IF? No.10 The Birthday, 1000pc (lower res)
  11. What If? Elizabeth & Raleigh 1000pc (lower res)
  12. What If? The Cake Off, 1000pc (lower res)
  13. What If? The Safari Park, 1000pc (lower res)
  14. WHAT IF? The Valuation Day, 1000pc (lower res)
  15. What If? Christmas Day, 1000pc (lower res)
  16. What If? The Wedding, 1000pc (lower res)

Kevin Simon

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3 Responses

  1. Norma says:

    Could you please e-mail me the completed picture of Ravensburger Pet Parlour 193646

    thanking you

  2. Julie says:

    Do you have the solution to The Village Hall please? Thankyou. I struggle to do these without the ‘cheats’!

  3. Hi
    I have purchased Ravensburger puzzle no:15 and put together the outside edge but the picture you have put of the solution placed underneath the original box is nothing like the outline I have assembled. !!

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