Very Green Pond

This was the job yesterday, this is what happens when a pond hasn’t been cleaned in a fair few years and UV unit is not working. Filter had been cleaned only a month ago, but as there was so much muck in the pond the filter keep getting clogged up with few days.

The previous company that maintained this pond, only gave the filter a quick clean and mainly put chemicals in to help with blanket weed, algea etc. These chemicals are just a quick fix and don’t help in the long term. Also on this pond the UV unit hadn’t been working for a good month or so, this is why it is a good idea to keep checking your UV unit is working.

There was over 100 fish in this pond, saved approx 70% of existing water, fully cleaned out the sludge and then fully cleaned the pond as you can see from the bottom picture a lot better. Water and fish went back in, and after a few days the pond should be crystal clear.

Kevin Simon

My Name is Kevin Simon and I am the creator & main author on KS News & Views, I am self employed and can supply IT & Web Design services aswell as Fish pond Maintenance. I have a few hobbies which I write about and anything that interests me really.

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