Amiga A500 Plus

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This is widely known as the shortest-lived Amiga ever, lasting only 6 months until it was phased out by the A600. This was yet another of Commodores secrets with many people opening their Amigas at Christmas expecting to find a A500 only to find something much better. It looked physically similar to the A500, but updated it with 1mb of ram, Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) and Workbench 2.0 which turned the horrible blue interface of workbench 1.3 into a much more lovely grey and blue.

It also allowed the user to see files that did not have icons without resorting to the CLI and put among other things the FastFileSystem into ROM (Kickstart) allowing you to boot from FFS disks containing 880k of data.


Motorola MC68000
7.16 MHz CPU
512k Chip RAM or 1 megabyte Chip RAM on motherboard
Maximum 512k (A500) or 1 megabyte Chip RAM (A500+)
512k Fast RAM in trapdoor expansion bus (optional)
Maximum 8 megabytes Fast RAM
512k RAM (A500) or 1 megabyte RAM (A500+) on motherboard
256k ROM or 512k ROM on motherboard
3.5 drive bay 2.5 drive mountable
3.5 880K internal floppy drive
Integrated keyboard
2 button mouse
A1000 sidecar expansion bus
A500 trapdoor expansion bus
Compact case
External power supply port
External floppy drive port
RS-232 serial port
Centronics parallel port
2 mouse/joystick ports
Monochrome composite video port
15kHz colour RGB analogue video port
2 stereo audio output ports


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