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The Amiga computers by commodore were a great range of computers for their time. This  site is dedicated to the Amiga.
This site is designed to have the look and feel of the Amiga Workbench V2, This section of my site was originally designed around 10years ago as a seperate website but thought it was time to incorperate into my main site, so the info and part of the design was from the original site.

I owned myself an Amiga 500, then 500p then A1500 with rom switcher and hd, cdrom etc then my final amiga was a A1200 with 80030 accelerator and extra memory with 250gb 3.5″ hard drive using adaptor then external cdrom going through the pcmcia slot, I went through a lot of Amiga’s as used to work for Evesham micros in the birmingham branch, mainly selling the amiga’s as at the time Evesham Micros did there own range of amiga addon’s inc rom switchers, ram upgrades, hd adaptors, speakers etc under the name of Zydec.

I hope to add more to this section of the site as time goes on and when I have the time, at the moment is info on all the range of the commodore amiga’s, gallery section that i collected images from around the web over 10years ago and also a download section, though you can download these games etc, for legal reasons you should have the original of the software.

Kevin Simon

My Name is Kevin Simon and I am the creator & main author on KS News & Views, I am self employed and can supply IT & Web Design services aswell as Fish pond Maintenance. I have a few hobbies which I write about and anything that interests me really.

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