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The Amiga computers by commodore were a great range of computers for there time.

I had several amiga computers  I had the A500, A500+, A600, A1500 and then the A1200, I started with the amiga 500, because of having knowing alot about the amiga computers, this kind of got me my 1st job in a small chain of retail shops named evesham micros, we sold amiga and atari st home computers and the early ibm compatible pc, I then upgraded through the range over time, but then as like anything had to move on to pc’s .

But still have to admit I still love the amiga software and games, and the linux emulator on my acer one netbook, even copied the contents of my old 250mb (yes Megabytes) hard drive from my old amiga 1200 to a image on the emulator, so now can run my old custom workbench and software on the move 🙂

Visit a Site Designed by me (though this was a fair few years ago) for all information on the Amiga range of computers.

Site includes information on emulation of the Amiga on the PC with downloads of Games, Demos & applications

This site was done awhile ago and never got round to updating it fully – But does give you the feel of the old  workbench operating system

Click the Disk icon below to go to the site

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