Merry Christmas

Wising you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my visitors to my site, I hope that you have found this site informative and usefull, loads more coming in 2011, so to keep upto date on all my latest post subscribe to my rss feed or enter your email address in the subscription form and you will be kept fully upto date with all the new and exciting posts coming in the New Year.

This year has been a funny year for me a few ups and downs, but now all seems to be coming together, for once in my life I had got all the shopping done last week, and yes I’m a bloke that does normally leave it till the last minute ūüôā . So now both me and my daughter are ready for Santa to bring all our presents tomorrow ūüôā With good food and family visits.

So again thank you for your support since this new site was launched earlier this year, and for some great comments I have had about my photos and the articles on this site. So Happy Holidays and hope 2011 brings you lots of happiness.

Just to end, here’s a Christmas cracker joke from one we have just pulled, I know its not funny buts it wouldn’t be Christmas without a rubbish joke LOL

Q. How do you know if your clock is crazy

A. It goes “cuckoo!”

Also remember to check out where Santa is from the NORAD tracking Santa site HERE


Kevin Simon

My Name is Kevin Simon and I am the creator & main author on KS News & Views, I am self employed and can supply IT & Web Design services aswell as Fish pond Maintenance. I have a few hobbies which I write about and anything that interests me really.

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