Gritting Routes Central Midlands

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Just heard about this website on BBC local radio this morning so thought I would share it, and with the weather as it is at the the moment with the snow and ice it is a very useful website.

It is a site that has a gritting route map of the West Midlands of the gritting routes that the local councils should do, they are marked on the map with colour codes showing the high, medium and low priority routes, the map is using the open street map project. The map currently covers Birmingham, Walsall, Solihull & Wolverhampton. It also does show the location of grit bins on the streets (though this part isn’t fully complete)

Remember the data is taken from the coucil websites and does depend on their stock of salt, grit etc. it is a useful website if you are planning a route in this weather, so you know the roads you will be taking should be gritted.

The website is

On this site is also an overlay of public transport routes, cycle routes etc

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