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I know this maybe boring but sometimes I do enjoy doing jigsaws, as because most of my time is spent in front of a computer screen it is relaxing for me to do jigsaws.  Also when my daugther used to stop she enjoyed doing them with me, once met new partner with her kids and my daugther now living we us, we try to do them as much as possible.

We brought some of the Wasgij jigsaws second hand and we have never done these ones, now these Wasgij jigsaws are different from most jigsaws as the picture on the box isn’t the picture of the final jigsaw, it is just a clue to how the completed jigsaw will be, now yes there are a few clues on the back of the box, but me and my daughter got fed up very quick not knowing where the pieces went, and like I said i do jigsaws to relax this wasn’t that good 🙁 .

We cheated a bit and found after abit of searching some pictures of the completed ones on the net, but these were very low quality, but did help us do the jigsaws, So i thought when I had done them I would uploaded better quality pictures to help anyone else out. so if you want to cheat abit click on the images on this post to enlarge, then in most web browsers right click and save image so you can print them off.  So see the pictures if you want to see the solutions of these wasgij puzzles.

Update November 2014 with two new completed wagij jigsaws, there are Wasgij Orginal 6 Blooming Marvellous, Destiny 4 Olympic Odyssey,Wasgij Xmas 4 – White Christmas & the 10th Anniversary, Christmas 2, 4 and 6 solutions, thats it for 2014, will be added more in the new year as got some more for christmas 🙂 , so why not follow updates using the links below:
Update 2015 added original 4 (a day to remember) , Mystery 1 (wasgij Express), Original 21 Football Fever, What if (money grows on trees)
Update end of 2015 added a few more completed that had time to do this winter they include a few of the destiny ones, xmas 5, and the Coronation Street anniversary one with both box image and alternative sscene

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I also brought some of the mini wasjig puzzles, i got these from hobby craft as was on sale, and got four of them as that’s all they had in, these ones a very easy and really no need for any clues and take less than 10mins the first time you do them, but below are the completed ones.


Since writing this article only done a few more of the jigsaws that we have got , that’s just because not really had the time, because of moving house, work commitments and now even more family commitments as we moved two houses into one, though will try and get more done in the future. Also at bottom of page is a collection of images i have found of a lot of other completed wasgij puzzles.

Also found out there is a app for ipads, iphones and android devices with in-app purchases to buy  wasgij jigsaws called WasGij Puzzle App, you can do the puzzles direct on your ios or android device, i have had a play around with the android version on my hudl 2 (review HERE) and does work great. Download the ios version HERE or the android version on the play store HERE.

I have had the time to do what I think is a complete list of Wasgij puzzles, this will be upto date up until January 2015.

Original (22)

1 Sunday Drivers 500 pieces item no. 109502
2 Happy Holidays 500 pieces item no. 109513
3 Full Monty Fever 500 pieces item no. 109524
4 A Day to Remember 500 pieces item no. 10953
5 Late Booking 500 pieces item no. 13569
6 Blooming Marvellous 500 pieces item no. 13131
7 Bear Necessities 500 pieces item no. 13223
8 High Tide 500 pieces item no. 17225
9 Home improvements 1000 pieces item no. 10485
10 Antique fair 1000 pieces item no. 10676
11 Beauty Salon 1000 pieces item no. 10992
12 The Mouth Of The River 1000 pieces item no. 10876
13 Calendar Girls 1000 pieces item no. 10879
14 Football Madness 1000 pieces item no. 10902
15 Run Like The Wind 1000 pieces item no. 10914
16 Catch of the Day 1000 pieces item no. 10919
17 Ballroom Blushes 1000 pieces item no. 13638
18 Uproar at the Vets 1000 pieces item no. 13219
19 Cone-gestion 1000 pieces item no. 17232
20 Fishy Business 1000 pieces item no. 17305
21 Football Fever 1000 pieces item no. 17408
22 WASGIJ Studio Tour 1500 pieces item no. 19101

Mystery (11)

1 Wasgij Express 1000 pieces item no. 01988
2 Stop the Clock 1000 pieces item no. 10878
3 Drama at the Opera 1000 pieces item no. 10900
4 Live Entertainment 1000 pieces item no. 10915
5 Sundy Lunch 1000 pieces item no. 10917
6 Camping Commotion 1000 pieces item no. 13637
7 Everything Must Go! 1000 pieces item no. 13250
8 The Final Hurdle 1000 pieces item no. 17128
9 Great Train Robbery 1000 pieces item no. 17301
10 Spring Has Sprung 1000 pieces item no. 17406
11 Childcare 1000 pieces item no. 19110

Destiny (16)

1 Time of our Lives 1000 pieces item no. 10141
2 The Proposal 1000 pieces item no. 10142
3 The Sands of Time 1000 pieces item no. 10486
4 Olympic Odyssey 1000 pieces item no. 10986
5 Time Travel 1000 pieces item no. 01993
6 Child Play 1000 pieces item no. 10877
7 Rock around the Clock 1000 pieces item no. 10899
8 High Season 1000 pieces item no. 10913
9 Super Models 1000 pieces item no. 10918
10 High Street Hassle 1000 pieces item no. 13636
11 The Office 1000 pieces item no. 13200
12 Market Mayhem 1000 pieces item no. 17231
13 Commuting Chaos 1000 pieces item no. 17303
14 How Times have Changed 1000 pieces item no. 17407
15 Shopping Shake Up! 1000 pieces item no. 19109
15th Anniversary – A Royal Knees-up 2x 1000 pieces item no. 17234

What If (2)

1 Money Grows on Trees?
2 What if Dinosaurs Still Existed 1000 pieces item no. 17409

Imagine (1)

1 If Conservatives Win! 1000 pieces item no. 19108
2 If Labour Win! 1000 pieces
3 If Liberal Democrats Win! 1000 pieces

Christmas (10)

1 Special Delivery 500 pieces item no. 10973
2 True Love, Cinderella 500 pieces item no. 13132
3 Short Circuit 500 pieces item no. 13458
4 White Christmas 500 pieces item no. 17256
5 That Warm Christmas Feeling 1000 pieces item no. 13520
6 A Very Merry Christmas 1000 pieces item no. 13639
7 Christmas Stuffing 1000 pieces item no. 13225
8 Christmas Getaway 1000 pieces item no. 17233
9 A Bright Christmas Night 1000 pieces item no. 17307
10 Mystery Shopper 2 x 1000 pieces item no. 17410

Mini Wasgij (9)

1 Weed Killer 54 pieces
2 Safari Splash 54 pieces
3 Monkey Business 54 pieces
4 Open Wide 54 pieces
5 Barbecue Fun 54 pieces
6 Anyone for Tennis 54 pieces
7 Mountain Course 54 pieces
8 Animal Friends 54 pieces
9 High and Dry 54 pieces

150 Pieces (4)

Original – Splashing Around
Destiny – Road Trip
Mystery – Dog Show
Christmas – A Christmas Carol

Licensed (3)

only fool and horses 2x 1000 pieces item no. 17309
Coronation Street Return to the Rovers 2x 1000 pieces item no. 13566
Carry On Cappers 2x 1000 pieces item no. 13459
Disney Limited Edition – Mickey & Friends 2x 500 pieces


1 Scrooge’s Surprise 100 pieces


Wasgij Family Original 1 – Boom and Bust Finale 615 Piece
Marks & Spencer Limited Edition
10th anniversary 1000 pieces

For full details on all the complete range of Wasgij jigsaws goto the official site HERE. You can also play online games direct on the site.


Below are photos of completed wasgij jigsaws that I have collected over the past few years or so, they are lower quality that the one’s that I take of my own completed puzzles. Though these may just help you to complete a puzzle if you are stuck, I have found these from various places inc ebay etc, so I do not take credit for these images below.

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9 Comments for “Completed Wasgij Jigsaws”

Shanee Newing


hi kevin, i think its a wonderful idea that you are ding puzzles then posting them online as it gives other people help. i have just bought a wasgij puzzle and didnt realise its not an ordinary puzzle and have no clue what the final puzzle is. I have Original puzzle 4 “A Day to Remember” and have looked everywhere for a solution. Do you know anywhere where i might have better luck??

Many Thanks, Shanee 🙂

Kevin Simon


Hi Shanee,
Yeah I thought would be a good idea to post completed puzzles on line, though it is cheating 🙂 I don’t have that one but the site i found useful was Here they have low quality images but does give you the idea, hope this helps, Kevin UPDATE The link Supplied Doesn’t seem to work at moment, not sure if website gone down.

graham bradley


I say chaps, it really isn’t fair you know – one mustn’t let on what the finished picture is – it sort of defeats the original epithet of Wasgij.

Let the punter work it out – that’s the therapy!

Happy Wasgijing


graham bradley


Oh and PS – I’ve got them all and done 90% of them and NO I’m not letting on what the finished picture looks like.




I have the no 10 high street hassle and it took me 2hours to do the edge!! Please someone show me the finished image ,!! Steph

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