Completed Wasgij Jigsaws

Kevin Simon

My Name is Kevin Simon and I am the creator & main author on KS News & Views, I am self employed and can supply IT & Web Design services aswell as Fish pond Maintenance. I have a few hobbies which I write about and anything that interests me really.

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  1. Shanee Newing says:

    hi kevin, i think its a wonderful idea that you are ding puzzles then posting them online as it gives other people help. i have just bought a wasgij puzzle and didnt realise its not an ordinary puzzle and have no clue what the final puzzle is. I have Original puzzle 4 “A Day to Remember” and have looked everywhere for a solution. Do you know anywhere where i might have better luck??

    Many Thanks, Shanee šŸ™‚

    • Kevin Simon says:

      Hi Shanee,
      Yeah I thought would be a good idea to post completed puzzles on line, though it is cheating šŸ™‚ I don’t have that one but the site i found useful was Here they have low quality images but does give you the idea, hope this helps, Kevin UPDATE The link Supplied Doesn’t seem to work at moment, not sure if website gone down.

  2. graham bradley says:

    I say chaps, it really isn’t fair you know – one mustn’t let on what the finished picture is – it sort of defeats the original epithet of Wasgij.

    Let the punter work it out – that’s the therapy!

    Happy Wasgijing


  3. graham bradley says:

    Oh and PS – I’ve got them all and done 90% of them and NO I’m not letting on what the finished picture looks like.


  4. david says:

    do you have destiny puzzle number 10? it is doing my head in

  5. Steph says:

    I have the no 10 high street hassle and it took me 2hours to do the edge!! Please someone show me the finished image ,!! Steph

  6. Kevin Simon says:

    I have updated with complete list of wasgij jigsaws, now added more images

  7. Kevin says:

    Do you have only fool and horses 2x 1000 pieces item no. 17309 solution yet?

  8. Wendy says:

    Hi Kevin, Thank you so much for the list of Wasjigs, I have been looking for a list for ages and don’t understand why the manufacturers don’t publish one. I’ve been doing them for a long time and always enjoy them. Are you going to update your list – they now have an additional range called Back To – but you’ve obviously been busy.

    • Kevin Simon says:

      Hi wendy, Yeah I have been busy, Have just updated list, well complete overhaul of page with more solution images and easier navigation.

      Thanks for your kind comments

  9. Hi Kevin, this posting is so helpful to see the wasjig puzzles that we have done. I’m amazed that there was so many titles. I’m hooked & my wife has got the bug. Would find it hard now to go back to other traditional puzzles.

  10. Laurie says:

    Hi Kevin….I’m from London Ontario Canada. I am having trouble finding the 12 The big turn on. The second puzzle. not the one on the box. I see u hav finished the two SOS I need your help. Thank you

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